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Global Trade Simplified

All-in-one, blockchain-based trade finance ecosystem

    Trade finance transactions executed 3000+
    Countries involved 100+
    Total deal volume facilitated $3B


    Independent, secure, and transparent network merging traditional and crypto liquidity to facilitate global trade finance.
    Crypto Lending
    Trade Finance
    Liquidity Providers
    Service Partners

    Deal Marketplace

    The Deal Marketplace is a showcase where goods, commodities, invoices, and other products are displayed. Participants can view, list, and sell products and find the most suitable financing solutions for business transactions.
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    Crypto Lending Marketplace

    The Crypto Lending Marketplace utilises an entirely automated, decentralised, non-custodial blockchain protocol that grants crypto liquidity providers access to the trade finance market.
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    Trade Finance Marketplace

    The Trade Finance Marketplace is a non-custodial solution that allows traditional liquidity providers to participate in the Trade Leaf trade finance ecosystem by lending funds to suppliers. The platform’s design provides traditional liquidity providers looking for alternative sources of yield, with comprehensive deal financing and insurance functionalities.
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    Solutions Panel

    Trade Leaf’s Additional Solutions & Services is a front-to-back, cross-asset, multi-entity-enabled solution with comprehensive data management, risk management, deal tracking, and operations capabilities. This component is designed on an advanced architecture to accelerate trade finance digital transformation journeys for all market participants.
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    Track and Trace Dashboard. A network of logistics providers covers every step of the fulfilment process to ensure that goods get from the factory to the end customer securely, on time, and are traceable the entire time.

    Risk Management. The module minimises exposure to risk in even the most rapidly changing trading environments and lowers costs by assessing the real-time market value of traded assets and liabilities.

    Supply Chain Management. Aligning shipping documents with commercial documents is an essential step, optimising multiparty workflows around trusted data and accelerating performance across any value chain within the Trade Leaf platform.

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    Traders are sellers and buyers who publish trade deals and invoices to seek funding. They utilize various platform tools to digitise documentation, communicate with counterparties in encrypted deal rooms, analyse personal performance, track shipment processes, and much more.

    Service Partners

    Service Partners are software and service providers who provide personal expertise, industry knowledge, and innovative solutions & tools, ensuring the platform's auxiliary processes as well as access to best-in-class services for platform customers.

    Liquidity Providers

    Liquidity Providers include traditional (banks, financial institutions) and crypto (token holders and VC funds) finance market players. Trade Leaf creates a vast bank connectivity network as well as advanced DeFi protocols providing seamless access to trade financing for liquidity providers from all over the globe.

    Global Adoption

    Our Mission

    Trade Leaf seeks to become the leading digital trade finance platform operating on a global scale, shaping the future of trade finance market.

    We create, integrate, and provide institutional-grade FinTech solutions and services for all trade finance industry participants. Our goal is to cover multi-trillion market gap, supporting micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises in emerging markets.

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    The Market is Fragmented

    The Trade Leaf Ecosystem is a catalyst for wider trade digitisation that allows numerous participants to perform various business activities through win-win collaborations within digital marketplaces.

    The market is fragmented with several players occupying the market share.

    Incremental growth

    We believe that blockchain and other disruptive technologies are shaping the future of supply chain and trade finance markets thus unleashing the potential of international trade.

    The year-over-year growth rate for 2020 is estimated at
    of the growth will originate from APAC
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    DeFi Implementation


    Stake $TLF to unlock the highest-profit opportunities

    TL Staking provides token holders the ability to receive additional rewards with a projected APY. The more TLF you stake, the more deals you can finance with stablecoins and on a larger price.

    1. Buy or swap $TLF. Remember that the more TLF tokens you hold and use for staking, the more profit you get.
    2. Stake it on our platform. Your staking amount determines max amount of available lending pools positions.
    3. Unlock deals. Now you can fund your unlocked deals based on a deal’s financing limits.

    Find your perfect deal

    Locking tokens in lending pools is required to fund trade operations on the Trade Leaf platform. Crypto liquidity providers lock tokens until pools are liquidated due to successful deal closure.

    1. Stake your $TLF on our platform. Staking determines the number of lending pools customers could contribute to as well as the amount of funds customers can lend.
    2. Choose your lending pool. Do your own research to find the best suitable pool for your deal financing strategy.
    3. Fund deals with stablecoins. That is where you start earning APY along with a deal commissions.

    We finance deals – you trust us

    Entrust us your money and enjoy earned APY from deals. We’ll take care of the rest.

    1. Put your funds into our trusted TL liquidity pools. We are happy to provide you with our expert opinions and guidance.
    2. The magic happens behind the scenes. We will provide you with the best service to finance deals without your participation.
    3. Earn APY from trusted deals. At the end of the deal, you can enjoy your profit.


    • Market Research
    • Technical Discovery
    • Go-to-Market Strategy
    • Team Formation
    • Whitepaper Development
    • Smart Contract Development
    • Community Development
    • Partnership Establishment
    • Private
    • Crypto Lending Marketplace Beta
    • Trade Finance Marketplace Beta
    • Public Sale
    • Deal Marketplace Beta
    • Payment Gateways Integration
    • Trade Leaf Platform Launch
    • Deal Insurance
    • Analytics & Dashboards Integration
    • Remote Experts Platform Launch
    • Automated Credit Scoring System
    • IoT Cargo Tracking System
    • Quality Assurance & Assessment System
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    Who we work with

    Banks we obtained financing from through our partners
    Sales Partner
    Financial Partner


    Rod Askarov
    Co-founder & CEO
    Rod Askarov
    Yusuf Mir Ahmed
    Co-founder & COO
    Yusuf Mir Ahmed
    Iryna Artus
    Iryna Artus
    Jad F. Zok
    Jad F. Zok


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